Activity 1: Composing

We will be exploring the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra site over the next few weeks.


Read through the activities carefully before you go to the website.


**Hint: You will need to keep returning to this page to make sure you have completed all the activities.


1.Click on THE MUSIC LAB and go to the  COMPOSERIZER. With your partner, you are going to work out which combination of bars of notes makes the best sounding tune.

2. On a blank sheet of paper,  write down the sequence of bars as you compose each song. Try at least 5 combinations.  (The first bar is number 1, the second bar is number 2 and so on....)

3. On your sheet, circle the song you think sounds the best. 

4. When you have completed this activity, go to the PERFORMALATOR and play some of the songs on the piano. Make sure everyone you are working with gets a go!     


Click on the link below to take you directly to the site.



    Extra for Experts:

PERFORMALATOR: Can you play a song on the piano that is currently on the radio?


Stay tuned for next week's great activities!



Definition of musical terms

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