LOUD (f) and SOFT (p)

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You will need to listen to some midi files for today's activity.

Some music is written to be played LOUDLY and other music is written to be played softly.

You will need to listen to as many pieces of music as you can to answer the questions on the worksheet.

You might like to save some of your favourites to your own folder!


Go to the site below.



Part 2: Downloading midi files

You will need a blank sheet of paper.

1. You will need to open YOUR folder (on the computer) before you start.

2. This week, I want you to download 3 songs from 2 different styles of music eg: rap and disco! ( This means a total of 6 songs to download to your folder....you can do more if you like!). 

3. On your blank sheet of paper, make 2 columns. The headings of the columns will be the styles of music. Write the names of the pieces of music you download in the columns. (Keep this until next week in your clipboard.)

4. Go to the "Gasman" site above.

5. If you go to the "links" page you will find other midi sites to explore in your own time.



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